Thursday, July 7, 2011

ZE:A - Intro (Exciting 'Special Single')

Album: Exciting 'Special Single' (Single Album).
Artist: ZE:A (Children Of Empire) (제국의 아이들).
Release Date:July 8, 2011
Language: Korean
Download Link Album: Mediafire
No. 1 of 4: Intro.


This goes out to you

Just tell me what you need
What you want
You know
I got everything

(Ooooh~) (yes)
Don’t need anybody else
Just you
Now hold my hands
Ha ha

Let’s go
(Cmon, cmon, cmon)
(Cmon, cmon, cmon)
(Cmon, cmon, cmon)

Here we go
Fall in love, fall fall in love (fall in love) (you’re my world)
Baby love, baby baby love (baby love) (the one and only)
You’re my love, you’re you’re my love (you’re my love~) (my everything)

Promise me, you’ll never stop loving me, forever
(Can't promise it's all right.)

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